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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2018-01-25 23:32:29
Subject: Thursday January 25, 2018

 This year I started a read through the Bible plan. From day one, I have been overwhelmed with, I am giving it a name, a spirit of confession.  As I read, I am convicted by the Word and can see specific sins that need to be confessed and forgiven.  For whatever reason, this year I was led to write out the scripture that brought the conviction and awareness and then write out a confession.  I am a journaler anyway, but this year there has been something different.  When I read the Word I am grieved by my sin, not condemned.  I write out my confessions on notecards - seems odd - as though I would carry them around to recount.  It is not a sick introspective matter, but rather the beauty of the Living Word in action.  I see with my eyes that I have sin that is cleansed with the blood of the Lamb.  In my mind, I put confession and revival together.  Therefore I look forward to what God is doing.     

Psalm 2: 12b

“Blessed are all who take refuge in him. “  

At times I have purposely hurt others when I felt insecure or out of control.  I have done this with my daughter.  Something about knowing that she is not a birth daughter, yet so loved and wanted by us - I sometimes feel jealous.  Even before, with my daughters, I felt insecure.  In medical issues with my son, I felt out of control, unable to manage the hurt and pain he felt, and I responded with hurtful words and actions.  I have tried to take refuge in self or position.  I am guilty of putting down others in my insecurity.  

I am so thankful for confession and forgiveness.  I am thankful for a true Refuge - shelter from pursuit, protection, safety, security, sanctuary.

I pray that you, too, find refuge and forgiveness in Him.  


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