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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-02-07 21:42:05
Subject: re: Regarding Water

I have to say regarding the condition of no water, that it is very depressing and repressive. You work most of your day just to make it to the end. And in the end, you might not even get clean (and that's with all the water we need just right down the road). I used to spend about two hours per day hauling in the water we needed for cleaning, bathing, drinking and cooking. I never had time to complete or even significantly contribute to the projects around the farm. You can see that in most of the people here. People do not care about tomorrow, because they know it will not be any better. They will still live in a home without water, work all day just to eat some beans and corn tortillas and worry if they'll have enough beans the next day. Now that we have water, you would not believe how much progress has been made. We've only had water for a week, but it has liberated us to focus our labor on improving the farm. How much do we, as Christians, see like this? We know that we have eternal life. We know that the Kingdom of God is near and perfect. With our hope set on eternity, we can bear the trials of today. We know that even 100 years on this Earth is insignificant in the scope of eternity. We should work towards improving the lives of others (especially the poor as commanded in His Word), and show them the goal set before us.

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