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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-02-07 21:44:57
Subject: Lastest cooking endeavors

I probably spent last year commiserating and whining over my new found cooking supply arrangement.  I no longer could just run to get whatever item was being used on Food Network, I didnīt have all my gadjets, and quite honestly I just gave up.  I cooked only when I had to, which was often in the beginning (soups, whatever was economical, nothing exciting), but much less by the end of the year.  The high price of dessert making items hurt me bad!  Mark, always the trooper just came on like gang busters and took up the slack.  He honestly is the better cook, but I love to get in the kitchen.   Well this year I returned determined to not relive that year of kitchen anxiety.  I had gathered recipes I thought we could adapt, and was set.  First, Hannah and I set off to acquire the ingredients for Baked Ziti.  With a few adaptations, we conquered the quest and enjoyed a lovely variation of Baked Ziti, including a baguette of French bread.  Our next adventure was a lime pie.  Why we had not done this one here, I donīt know.  Oh yes I do, I was still whining over the no graham crackers!  Well we used our fresh limes from the trees here to make a regular pie crust lime pie.  They have sweetened condensed milk and eggs, so easy!  After making it the first time, we got the idea to crush up cookies to make the curst, absolutely perfect!  I felt so guilty about all of the egg whites we had separated out to make the 9 by 13 pie.  10 egg whites, that is a lot of waste, really.  Mark to the rescue.  He thinks, Angel Food Cake.  So I pull out my new Christmas present, the Barefoot Contessa cookbook, and low and behold a lemon, Angel Food Cake.  Thanks to the container, we had our bundt pan!  So the egg whites went to good use, and we had a lovely cake to serve Pastor Gustavo and the group from Oregon!   Hannah is a pro at making fresh limeade, 2 minute No Bake cookies, and oatmeal cookies.  All of our cookies are made without brown sugar, since this is high here.  We sometimes use the cane sugar that our neighbor makes with his sugar cane.   Recently while at the mercado, Rolman brought me a package of Choco Banana stuff, and asked if we could buy it.  I said yes.  So, it is a chocolate that comes in a package that you melt in a double boiler.  You stick a stick through the banana, get it cold(the banana), and then dip it in the melted chocolate.  You then freeze the concoction, and eat when frozen.  Everyone was thrilled.  We have bananas from our trees right now so very economical.  Hannah kicked it up a notch by making peanut butter balls, and then dipping them in the same chocolate.  My were we spoiled.   So this year I am not giving up, but will continue to follow Mark and Hannahīs lead of adventurism in the kitchen! Paula
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