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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-02-27 22:11:39
Subject: Update/Tuesday

Hello, Hannah is recovering from the Hepatitis Virus and another viral infection.  Her counts are still off, but getting better.  She has seen several specialist and they believe that the chronic pain she is having is from TMJ or something with her jawbone.  Hannah will see another specialist on Wednesday morning and I will update after that appointment. We have been laying low so that Hannah is not exposed to others sicknesses or infections.  She is working on an essay to enter in a contest and a greeting card contest in addition to her schoolwork.  She is also busy sewing and knitting.  All indoor sports!  She gets out and walks to the park when it is sunny, but the winds hurts her "ears", actually her jaw.  The ENT said her ears look great and for that we are thankful.  We were blessed in that he charged us half price due to no infection!   We have also been very blessed that we have been able to get into the specialists we need to see very rapidly.  God is taking care of us!   Mark is out of his cast and has enjoyed visiting with our Mission's Pastor while he is visiting Honduras.  Sounds like things are trucking along at the farm.  Hannah and I miss our family very much.   Thank you for your prayers, concerns, and love, Paula

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