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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-03-01 13:11:11
Subject: Thursday March 01, 2007

   Well, here it is March, two months after our return to Honduras and the home. We´ve had a few events and things are as busy as ever. First and foremost, Paula and Hannah are still in the USA and from the looks of it, will probably be delayed in their return. As slow as things move in Honduras, it seems to take even longer to get medical problems handled in the USA. I originally planned their return trip for March 12, but they are only now discovering anything wrong with Hannah´s health.    As for the home, the boys are all in school. Thanks again for all those that contribute to their education. Every day the boys need something new for school. They are all studying long and hard.    Rolmon is our oldest and most authoritative. His strong will serves him (and us) well at times, but hurts him at other times. Right now he is having to learn to submit in the classroom. I appreciate his authoritative voice around the farm when we want to start a new project. He has a lot of farm experience and I respect his opinion.  Truth is, I wish our full time farmer was a little more opinionated.    Right now we have a couple of temporary helpers. They are finishing up a small cement tank to hold water for the cows. Next they will build another cement tank (AKA "pila" in Honduras). The next pila will be larger and will be used as to irrigate the young orchard of fruit and avocado trees. We´ll fill it up daily and drain it at night into irrigation pipes for the trees. What the boys do not know is that the "pila", which is ten foot squared and four feet deep, will be a place for them to get wet and wash the dust off after they finish their farm chores. In other words, this pila will be a small swimming pool. With the dry season in full swing, the trees need irrigation to continue thriving.    More projects are in the pipe but we need to finish these first. We look forward to your continued support and your continuous prayers.

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