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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-03-21 22:21:31
Subject: Kittens and Berries

We are still missing Paula and Hannah but hopefully they will be back within two weeks. Last Friday we sent the boys off to school and moments later Hannah´s cat (Ginger) delivered four little surprises. Two of them look like her (kind of a bright tan, bordering on orange), one is a little more white and one is spotted with mom´s colors, white and black). They were little more than mouse sized when born and are getting closer to hamster size now. The mother is not yet a year old but surprisingly devoted to her kittens. Faith is also a good mother to them all and makes sure they always have food and water. We also have a dog the boys named Rambo. Rambo and Ginger are very similar in age. Rambo always wants to play with Ginger but Ginger, being a cat, is a little too cool to enjoy bites and sloppy kisses from a dog. Last night Faith woke up (3:30) with a startled cry. She said a dog was outside and it sounded like he was attacking the kittens.  Dogs are notorious here for eating our pets and livestock. I reminded her that Ginger and the kittens were safely locked up in the storehouse. Not wanting to neglect her cry, I got up and checked the front porch. Sure enough, Ginger was walking up with kitten in mouth. There are some small holes in the storehouse, but big enough for Ginger to get through. As best I could tell, Rambo had defended Ginger and kitten (no names yet, waiting for Hannah) from the underfed neighborhood dogs. I brought Ginger and kitten in and promptly escorted them back to the storehouse. Unfortunately there were only three kittens after bringing in the one I held. One was missing. I retraced Ginger´s steps to the front porch and backtracked. I found no trace, no tiny meow and no blood. I was afraid that the other dog had carried one off. I went back to bed and told Faith that Ginger was safe but did not tell her about the missing kitten until this morning. I prayed that the kitten would show up but we did not see it in the morning either. We told the boys what probably happened. I was ready for another dog hunt tonight.     While preparing for church tonight, the boys burst into my room and everyone spoke at once, so I did not understand them until they calmed. The kitten was found in the top bunk of Fernando and Reynaldo´s room. Ginger has been trying to move into the house with her kittens since Sunday. She was partially successful last night when the electricity was out. The top bunk is not being used right now (triple bunk), so the kitten was unseen. I was amazed that the kitten had not starved in 20 hours time. We returned her to her mother and she drank heavily for a good long while. Everything seems to be OK now.      We are setting up irrigation for the orchard, garden and a water feed for the pond to stimulate tilapia growth. The moras (kind of like a blackberry) are in bloom and the water is needed there. Strawberries are also growing. Moras are spreading so we are moving saplings to ordered rows. We could have more berries than we know what to do with next year.      We are investing heavily in the farm with all the irrigation projects. We will be expanding the pork operations soon after and building a new chicken house as well. We are trusting the Lord for the investment capital ($3000 for slaughterhouse and cooler, $500 for more irrigation, $400 for chicken house, $1000 for another pig house and $500 for an animal barn). If you would like to help the farm help more children, please consider helping with one of these projects.     God bless you and thank you for your help.
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