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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-03-29 13:42:13
Subject: Diving and Dogs

   We just finished a very large "pila". A pila (pronounced "pee-luh") in Honduras is where people store water, although the word pila is also used on packaging for batteries, so it is possible that pila is a generic term for storage. Anyway, the pila is 10x10x4, enough to irrigate the fruit trees, clean the hogs and water the garden. It is also large enough for the boys to have a bath after worktime. A pool that size with six or so teenage boys is more like a mosh pit or wrestling ring than a the only rule is; if anyone gets hurt or there is any crying, nobody swims for a week. Well, we had four days of swimming before that rule was broken. I was surprised how long it took. The pool will open again next Tuesday.    Although this is normally the hottest time of the year as well as the dry season, it seems very cool and we´ve had a smattering of rain every couple weeks or so.     We had another drama last night with the cat, which just had a litter of kittens two weeks ago. We got home from church and were enjoying a snack when Faith heard Ginger along with some barking and dogs fighting. Faith has amazing ears for Ginger. Anyway, we hurried out to look with rifle in hand. We went to the bodega (storehouse) where Ginger stays. Rambo (our dog) scurried out of the bodega when he heard us. We went in and there in the corner was a neighbor´s dog. He was scared, injured or both. Rambo did a number on that dog. Ginger was hunched up in front of the dog and ready to pounce if he made a move to her kittens, whom were safe and healthy on the other side of the bodega. I told the boys and Faith to move behind me after they handed me a flashlight. I went ahead and removed the dog from the farm permanently. He yelped, ran outside, took eight steps and died. All of our animals are still well. The night before some dog or dogs attacked one of the calves, but it is still well. It´s possible the same dog came back last night for an easier meal, but will return no more. I´m sure the neighbors are loving us again.     We are so blessed of God to have water, in abundance. Now there are so many possibilities that our heads are spinning. I am investing a lot of our savings into the farm right now because, with water, it can be really fruitful and productive. With good soil, zero annual frost days and constant water, the possibilities are virtually limitless. We hope to build more pig houses when we have the funds ($1200). We can buy two month old pigs for about $25 each, fatten them up for four months and sell them for about $150. We simply need more housing right now before purchasing any. We will also try to grow as much of their food as possible (corn, sugar cane, soybeans, yuca...) as the major cost in raising hogs is their food.     My walk with Christ is strengthened every day as I am consistently making time to read the Word and pray, alone. I´ve found that praying and reading in a group is edifying, but I absolutely must have a private conversation with the Lord on a daily basis if I have any hope of walking blamelessly. God is good.

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