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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-04-04 11:08:18
Subject: Another Day of Waiting

We tried for luggage again today. It did not arrive yet. We prayed about returning home or staying another night. Itīs a six hour round trip and that would be pushing the van. Continental located the luggage. Itīs still in Houston. They said they would send it tomorrow even if they had to send an extra flight. We shall see. Itīs great being reunited with family again. I awoke this morning, as usual, at 3 AM. As most people are not up for a chat at that time, the Lord did not mind sharing with me. I will share that in a future journal as it was a message about idol worship and I am compelled to elaborate when we have the time. Right now we are at the mall and paying top dollar for Internet. Paula is trying to communicate with Continental to make sure the luggage (with Hannahīs orthodontic tools and medication) will arrive tomorrow. Buenos tardes y Dios le bendiga.

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