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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-04-11 10:37:05
Subject: Prayer requests for the children

Sometimes people request specific prayer requests for the children.  Now with internet I can communicate those better. Rolman:  respect for authority in his school, his schoolwork   Rolman is 17 now and hasn't quite decided that an education is important.  This is a real turning point for him.  Pray that he will make good decisions and not be led astray by the wrong crowd at school. David:  schoolwork, hurt heart.  David is stressed with his schoolwork, it is more than he has ever managed.  He also has so much hurt in his heart from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  He also is at a turning point.  I believe the Father is wooing him to let it go. It will be too much if he continues to keep it all bottled up.  Pray that he will find refuge in the Father for his emotions and that we will have wisdom in modeling handling relational hurt.   Gerardo:  Gerardo tends to have the victim mentality.  He was abandoned as a baby, and abused as a child.  He is quick to assume offense.  Pray that he will know who he is in Christ and experience His healing presence.  His heart is tender.   Fernando:  Recently we learned that Fernando's mother died.  Please pray for him as he deals with this pain.  He also is very developed a deep friendship with John.  Pray that this will be good.  He has come so far in a year, honestly like a different child. Ely:  Mental stability, emotional stability, and mental capacity. Pray for a breakthrough for him in school, or a breakthrough for us in knowing how to handle his special needs.   Arnol:  Healing of his heart.  He is brother to Fernando, so he has lost his mother.   He also has deep emotional needs, and has been sexually abused.  Pray that this that has been done against him will be cut off .  Pray for his emotional development. Reynaldo:  Pray for him to come alive emotionally and develop.  Pray for the severe abuse and neglect he has suffered to be broken off and not rule his life.  Pray for him to know the love and acceptance of the Father, and of family.   Carlitos:  Emotional, physical, and mental development and healing. Healing from cerebral palsy.   Our children: Hannah:  For continual restoration of her health, and for a friend. Pray for us to be able to have a way to give her and Faith a separate room so they can have some privacy and space.   Faith:  For a friend,and that she will not feel left out.  With John becoming friends with the boys, it has been harder on Faith.   John:  Please pray that he will continue to be a light, and that he will remain strong in his beliefs.  He has a way of really taking the boys in and making friends.   Timothy:  For his learning, and obedience.  Timothy is a live wire, what more can I say.  Pray for Mark and I to know how to be good parents to him, and that he will never feel left out.   Thank you for your prayer support, Paula

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