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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-04-11 17:57:01
Subject: Help Wanted

   If you've followed us for long, you probably know that the Lord gave me a vision for this place 30 years ago, 14 years before I identified myself as a Christian. The first time I visited this farm, before we moved here, I believe the Lord gave me another vision. I saw a community of older Americans whom might not be able to make ends meet in the States on a fixed income. Here, someone living on as little as $700/month could probably be quite comfortable. For example, someone could hire a full time cook and housekeeper for about $110/month here. Medicine is much less expensive here as well. Medical care is not quite as advanced as in the States, but again, mucho less expensive. I recently spent three days in the hospital for about $300 including the doctor bill. If health became a serious problem, a person could always return to the States for advanced care utilizing Medicare etc.    The Lord shows visions, but there are usually a lot of steps before the vision is realized. So today while I was pruning fruit trees, he spoke to me again concerning this community of seniors. Why not start small? Invite someone down that would like to be a grandparent. Invite someone that enjoys working in the garden, flower bed or orchard. Invite someone that enjoys building things with wood or works in construction. Most of all, invite someone that has a heart for Christ and therefore wants to help the less fortunate. If you feel that are underutilized and are just struggling to get by, I invite and challenge you to come down and live among us for a month or so. What are the desired qualifications? #1 - You are believer in Jesus Christ. #2 - You can help in some capacity with the children and the farm, even if just for a little time each day. If you like it here, we can talk about building a home of your own...again, for a fraction of the price of a home in the USA (perhaps $3000-$4000).

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