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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-04-16 12:48:09
Subject: The Quarter Acre Farmer

I feel compelled to get this off my chest. We have a neighbor down the road that rents a home with a quarter acre of land. The man has a truck that he transports produce from our small town to the big city. Since he has a truck, that puts him in the top 10% of the wealthiest Hondurans. He also owns animals, lots of animals. He has goats, chickens, horses and more. We just traded our horse because he was consuming acres of grass and effectively starving the cattle out. So you might be wondering how the man (whom I call the "Quarter Acre Farmer") feeds two horses on his farm. Well, his horses are free range horses. Or, if you've seen the movie, they are "open range" horses. Meaning, the horses are free to travel throughout the neighborhood and eat anything they can find. For the most part the horses stay in the Mennonite field consuming weeds and leaves of banana trees. The field is not being used because it is the dry season, so the Mennonites probably do not mind at the moment. But, on a daily basis, the horses find their way to our farm...and start chomping away at our banana trees. For about the first month of this, I was content to run them off with a pellet gun. But lately I've been tempted, in increasing amounts, to grab the .22 rifle and see to it that they do not return. Probably, more than my conscience, the possible cost of replacing a horse is what stays my hand. Please pray that I will not exact out revenge on these horses. They are testing the very brink of my patience. We've spoken to the owner before, but he really has no option. You see, you cannot feed two horses on a quarter acre farm.
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