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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-05-08 22:27:36
Subject: New Alarm Clocks

     This morning we purchased a new flock o hens and a few roosters ta boot. Our helper Jose had tied the legs together before Hannah, Faith, Timothy and I arrived at the store. Jose, Faith and I carried them (upside down) to the van and drove back home. Faith has no fear of chickens or roosters. We carried the flock (22 hens, 4 roosters) to the new chicken house, gave them some feed and they laid five eggs within five hours. We are curious to see how they do overnight. We purchased food and medicine to enhance the egg laying. They are already scratching up the unused portion of the garden and delivering fertilizer. Both Ada (Xiomara's sister) and Jose seem to know quite a bit about chickens. We hope to raise some for meat as well.       We are still hoping to raise the money for a new pig house. We need smaller quarters for the adult hogs so that they can all be separated. The old hog house will be used by the young pigs since the rooms are larger. We still need $940 of the $1000 to buy materials for construction of the new hog house. A new house will give a Honduran a full time job maintaining pigs and raise money for the boys home.       The goats are still alive and kicking. Today the ropes were released and we let them roam the large pasture but we do need to add some barb wire before they discover a weakness in the corner fence. That will be done tomorrow. Right now they are sleeping in the small shelter built for them by Jose and the boys.       Please pray for Rolmon, David and Nelson. They are really struggling with private school. The public school did not prepare them for the rigors of colegio.

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