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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-05-19 16:43:53
Subject: Saturday May 19, 2007

     Today was a day of planting more "moras" (something like a raspberry but dark like a blackberry). These plants are doing very well on the farm. Not only have they been producing fruit for over two months, but they are still blossoming. Aside from that the plants spread underground and pop up in different places. We have not bought a plant since middle of last year but have since tripled the number of rows we started with.      This year Paula and Hannah have made mora preserves twice. We have also made pies, muffins and syrup with moras. They produce so well that we expect them to be a cash crop next year. Moras sell for about 80 cents per pound here (most fruit and veggies are lower in Honduras than in the US). We expect to make a little more money by selling mora preserves.      While enjoying the farming experience I came to a realization about wealth in general. During my sixteen years as a software engineer, I thought little about where wealth actually begins. I did my share of struggling to accumulate wealth but I never really realized where it begins.      Think about the early days of civilization or even the early days of US History. Most people were engaged in growing or processing food for everyone to eat. In fact, many third world countries are still in this position. There are a lot of people to feed and a scarcity of food. So, back to wealth building... When a farmer becomes more productive and starts growing more than his own family needs to eat, it frees up someone else to take up another trade (ie build homes, furniture, clothes...). So, eventually these non-farmers invent machinery and tractors. That makes the farmer even more productive and we need even less of them. So again, more people take up other trades (ie computers, medicine etc).      So you might say money grows on trees (or vines or plants) as that is where wealth begins. Then again, we bring nothing into this world and we take nothing with us. The love of money is the root of all kinds of all evil (note that it is NOT the root of ALL evil.)

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