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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-05-27 23:00:35
Subject: Software Engineers Unite To Milk Cow

Mike Jones is here from Fort Worth. Mike and Melissa are friends from when we were first married. Their daughters are just a little older than our first two children. Mike is computer guy as I am or was or always thought I was. Mike is here this week to help us build more room for our little piggies. He also brought the funds to buy the materials for the hog house. This will allow us to make the pig venture more profitable. Tomorrow we will be working on the house after we milk the cow, feed the pigs, feed the chickens and take the goats to pasture. Mike has been eager and willing to jump in and help around here. Today he chaperoned the older children to the waterfall, which is a long, perilous journey through winding, steep paths. Then he came home and cleaned the dishes. Yesterday he hauled sand back to the new pig house and chipped in busting rock the Honduran way (picking up 80 lb. rocks overhead and tossing them down at other like sized rocks). After we complete the new hog house we will be acquiring a couple more female hogs (gilts) to increase our piggy population. Mike also hand delivered some water nipples that will allow the pigs and hogs to drink fresh water rather than filling up something where the water will sit and possibly contaminate. The moras (something like raspberries) are doing well and Paula has possibly identified them as a plant that lives 20 years and continually bears fruit. If that is the case we could have quite  future with moras. We also have a variety with a bigger, sweeter berry than people are used to. We've made preserves, pies and drinks with moras. Everyone loves moras and the things Paula makes with them.
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re: Software Engineers Unite To Milk Cow  by Melissa on Wednesday May 30, 2007

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