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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-06-01 12:38:30
Subject: Xiomara Update

I visited with Xiomara just a few minutes yesterday.  She is due this next week.  She looks very tired and ready.  She is going to call us to take her to the hospital.  The thought of her going into labor on a bus or bicycle is too much!   They have the roof on their house.  I asked her what was left to do.  The house still needs the dirt and rock shoveled out, and fresh dirt put in and tapped down for the floor, and then doors, and something to cover the windows.  She said that they would need to wait until after the baby.  Today we are going to ask if the floor is something that just needs manpower and if so if we can all chip in to get it done before the baby.   Xiomara and her husband have built this house themselves with mud, grass, and leftover supplies. They currenlty live with his mother, who is elderly and takes care of many, many children.  It has caused quite a strain (not the mother, just all the people).  We rejoice with them that they have been able to build this home to have some privacy and establish some of their own family ways.   Please pray with us for the house to be able to be finished rapidly, for provision, and for the baby to be born healthy.   Paula

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