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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-06-02 17:12:03
Subject: Saturday June 02, 2007

    This week we broke ground on a new pig palace with the help and financing of Mike Jones and his friends at "The Met" in Keller as well as his family. The crowded pigs will be grateful when we are finished, which Jose says is probably two weeks away. We are expecting another litter of pigs in six weeks. Mike has been working hard and for his diligence he has the privilege of walking the older boys, his daughter and our daughters to the waterfall...only four miles away through steep paths and slopes. He worked on his tan this week and his work will be credited to him in eternity. In my opinion, people that give up their precious vacation time and spend it serving on a mission trip sacrifice far more than I do. I am constantly with friends and family, while those that travel down here typically work most of the time away from family. I am blessed and I hope those that help will be doubly blessed.      The Lord is stirring in my heart about the land he has let us tend for him. There are so many people in need of jobs here. He is calling us to be creative about seeking new opportunities for people to work here. I don't believe we need a lot of money to create jobs, only a lot of prayer and listening to the Lord. Farming is not and never will be an exact science. You can never completely optimize land so that it maximizes crops and yet does not do permanent damage to the soil. There is always room to improve; thus plenty of research still takes place in universities like Texas A&M. Everyday I walk the land and the Lord speaks about ways we can help more people to feed their children. I am so blessed to work at a place where food comes out of the ground. It's as if you are on the forefront of civilization, enabling others to live and work out the desires of their hearts according to the Lord.     God is good, all the time.

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