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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-06-04 15:35:58
Subject: Stuck In San Pedro Sula

This morning we escorted Mike and Shelby Jones back to the airport in a shuttle van. They were very helpful and pleasant guests not to mention good friends. Last night we went to dinner (Shelby requested Wendys, she missed french fries). When we left the van started with a bad sound and kept on sputtering. We quickly realized that we had lost some power and were continuing to lose power. We successfully crash landed (with dead motor and unable to restart) at a service station on the road to our hotel. We walked about half a mile to the hotel without problem. This morning after returning from the airport, Hannah and I stood by while mechanics tried this and that to revive the engine without success. Eventually they called in another mechanic and he told us that he needed to clean the valves, which would take about half a day after he retrieved his tools. So we went ahead and checked in for another night at the hotel since we would otherwise have to be out by noon. Hopefully Mike and Shelby made their flights on time and their luggage made it to the right planes. One other little sticky point is that we have no way to call the childrens home and tell them we cannot return today. So we called Dave (a friend in church) and he said he would drive by and tell them. Funny thing was that Dave was only 20 minutes from our location (picking up guests) when I called but he did not have room to take us home. (We actually need to wait for our one and only vehicle to be repaired anyway). So at the moment we are hanging out and waiting for the killer sun to lower its head before we let the kids out to the pool. Im quite certain they would be crispyfried within 15 minutes in the midday sun down in the valleys of Honduras.
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