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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-06-12 23:39:44
Subject: Investing

For about 12 years now I've played around in the stock market. It's about like studying horses before a race. There is some research you can do, but it's not much safer than rolling dice. Farmers probably knew a great deal more about investing than those of us that play the stock market. They understand that you only have so much land to use. There is no perfect way to determine which crops will bring a good price this year. There could be floods or droughts that will kill your crops or make your crops incredibly valuable (if the floods destroy someone else's crops). Then there's the whole time and labor investment. If you plant corn, you've got to wait a few months or longer. In the meantime you have to devote your time or perhaps someone else's to keep weeds or insects from taking over. In the end, you hopefully have enough to pay the rent and buy some clothes. In farming, there is always room for improvement and (perhaps unfortunately) there are many choices that can be made about what can be done with the land. After raising a poor crop or losing livestock to neighborhood dogs you begin to second guess what you think you know and wonder if you might not be better off selling tamales on the street corner. But I digress... The Lord gave each of us something that we should use wisely. One man might be good at encouraging others; another might be good at teaching or serving among other things. We need to seek the Lord on how he would have us use the talents he's given us.

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