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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-09 18:30:38
Subject: Xiomara's Baby!

Xiomara had her baby on June 27th!   We were not able to take her to the hospital because we were in Comayuaga.  We checked on her that night and she had not delivered.  The next morning Hannah, Lauren, Faith, and I set off to find the clinic and see Xiomara.  After much direction asking, and navigating the clinic maze we found Xiomara and her precious little girl.  She delivered at 10 pm on the night of the 27th.  Mother and baby were fine.  Xiomara was very tired and in quite a bit of pain.  We were able to stay and take them home that morning.  Hannah and the girls go happily to check on Xiomara and the baby every day or so.  The baby is growing and nursing well.  Xiomara is resting at home.  Xiomara does not have an appetite though. Hannah takes her fresh milk and some goody everytime.   Hannah has written a paragraph about the clinic where Xiomara delivered.  She will share that on the website. The little girl is named Paula Eduardia.  

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