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Entered By: Lauren
Entry Date: 2007-07-14 22:11:52
Subject: New Piggies!

Last night, in the midst of pouring rain, a pig was born.  After Faith's discovery of the first one we crowded around the mama in her stall and anxiously awaited the rest.  I held the first one wrapped in a sack for while the mother was rolling around.  It was so small.  I felt honored to be holding such new life.  The rain stopped, though the piglets still came.  We caught the piglets as they were born, moving them away from the danger of being rolled on or stepped on by their mother, ironic?  I think so.  Rolman and Mark moved the first ones.  It looked like fun so I caught the last ones.. they were pretty slimy.  The bleach water we had was much appreciated.  The few hours we were out there with the mother pig and new babies were unlike anything I've ever done.  The incredible experience of watching life on earth begin, and the adventure of protecting the babies from what also held their key to life.  I found it amazing that something such as a pig, an animal I think to be not very bright, can give life and raise young, even if a few are usually lost in the process.  The song in my mind last night has a line that says "Let all creation testify".  I have found this to be truth, all creation can testify to God's awesomeness, even a smelly, not so bright pig. As we were walking back to the house I looked up at the sky.  The clouds from the rain had cleared and the sky was full of tiny, twinkling stars, more than I've ever seen at once.  I was overtaken by God's grace.  The city takes away the beauty of the night sky, something too many people don't get to experience.  The stars at night themselves are proof of God's mercy and love for us.  The undescribable beauty in a dark sky full of stars, mysterious, wondrous stars, fills my heart with joy and makes me question how anyone can see that, and think we are here by accident.
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