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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-07-22 17:12:58
Subject: Walter

     The Lord has put a young man by the name of Walter on our hearts lately. I've been thinking about him, his living conditions and his ambitions. You see, Walter is Rolman's brother and has been working here for a few months. Walter is almost finished with colegio (one year to go). Walter asked to come and live with us (with his brother Rolman) months ago but we were reluctant to add another boy when we are overwhelmed with caring for the twelve we have. Walter has proven himself as a reliable worker with good morals and positive attitude. Walter has also proven that he can stand in the face of the temptation of drugs and alcohol and not falter. His home situation has declined over the last couple months and he needed to get out.      Last week Walter announced to me that he was thinking about moving to Canada. He said there was a work program available there with legal visas and sponsorships to get him there. To be honest, North America comes across as the easy life to the people of Central America. They know we earn more money up there but I think many people here have no idea how much it costs to live there. Nevertheless, it might be a better future for Walter if he were to go. However, we are here to help with the future of Honduras and the people that live here. We asked if he would rather go to Canada or stay here and finish his education. He said he'd rather stay here with his brother.      Walter knows a good bit of English and has more education than most Hondurans. We believe Walter could have a great future here. As we've stated early on, our mission is not only raising children, but to create businesses for the people we train. Walter has the education and work ethic to run a business in the near future. In doing so, the Lord creates a brighter future for the people here. He will bring home and help families to stay together. Right now, we are praying for a sponsor to pay for his last year of education (bachilerato). It looks like Walter is facing about $930 for his final year.      Speaking of business opportunities, there are some things on the horizon. Our mountain has three neighborhoods with hundreds of people in each. The entrance of these neighborhoods are all within a mile on the highway. People are always building out here but have to travel to town (~5 miles) for building supplies. Considering most people have no cars, that's no quick trip. We believe a "ferreteria" (hardware store) would do well near the highway. We are also planning on making and selling fruit preserves, pork and chicken. Eventually restaurants and bakeries will be a possibility. I am learning patience. The old me would have opened all these places last year. But we are taking the time to train and prove the character of the people that will run these businesses.      God is good, all the time.
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