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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-07-24 23:09:58
Subject: School/Joe/and more

Hannah, John, Faith, and Timothy will have their last day of school for this school year tomorrow.  Hannah will finish 7th grade, John 5th grade, Faith 3rd. grade, and Timothy Kindergarten.  We will be off of school for the month of August and back at it in September.  Our schedule is a little different with taking off for visitors and visits.  They have all done really well this year and worked very hard.  They will be glad to have a break.   Our youngest guys will also be starting back to school in September.  They have enjoyed their time of "school" with Lauren, and playing hard.   This past weekend we were so blessed to have a man from the states, Joe, come and share with us.  He is a wonderful teacher and has so much insight into working with children.  He is a licensed social worker and works for the Irving School District.  He really encouraged us all to work together, use our talents for good, watch our attitudes, and give it everything we have got with God.  Our friends Scott and Cindy Stephens brought him out to visit with us (friends in Comayagua).  We were thankful for his time.  What he taught I have seen already come to life in the boys.  For this I am grateful.  I especially needed to hear the words he had to share with us.  God is good to give us what we need!  Thank you Joe for being open and sharing with us.   This week we will be having a visiting family on Thursday.  They are from East Texas.  Next week our church Restoration and Valley Church will be here in Honduras so we have much planned.  On August 9th. Lauren flies back to the states.  Everyone will miss her very much.  She has become very much a part of our family here.  The last week of August we will be enjoying a retreat with other missionaries sponsored by friends of ours in the states.  It will be at the beach!  We will enjoy the much needed break and hopefully sleeping in a little...... Our staph infections seem to be clearing up.  Mark's are the last hold outs, but he is on medication and getting better.   I only have a rash left and am through with all my meds.  Our children are all well.   The boys that are in school right now are working very hard to see their grades all come up this next report card time.  Everyone improved last grading period, but all want to do better.  Rolman and David are really giving their all.  They have learned so much about being a good student.   Please keep us in your prayers as we enter a busy season.   Blessings, Paula

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