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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-07-30 22:27:50
Subject: Wow! That Was Fun!

    We wanted to thank Valley Church and Restoration Church for their support this year. We did that by doing what we love to do, PARTY! Tonight our church family arrived about 5 PM, took a short tour and then enjoyed some Texas BBQ in Honduras. Nobody was timid about eating pork from our farm.      Tomorrow morning we will join Restoration at the local public school as they entertain the children with song, dance and drama. After that we'll eat together and the do the same with more children near our church.      Wednesday Valley Church will be back to build a cattle chute that will help us manage the cattle (milking, injections, parasite baths, insemination...).      Thursday we take the boys and join the both churches at the swimming pool in Comayagua.      Also, Hannah will go with Restoration to join them on their outreach tomorrow and Wednesday.      God has been faithful in fulfilling our dreams. We love having people over and serving them what we hope is good food. The workers and their families also joined us for dinner. It's great to share in the fruits of all of our labors.
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re: Wow! That Was Fun!  by Judy Campbell on Tuesday July 31, 2007

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