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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-08-24 11:08:24
Subject: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

If you've read the book above, this will make a bit more sense. As a preface, Tommy Briggs Jr. began a ministry, which will provide us a weekend at the beach along with the other missionaries in our area. If You Give a Paula a Vacation If you give a Paula a vacation, she's going to want to start packing two weeks ahead of time. When she starts packing, she's going to notice a wrinkle and want to iron. When she wants to iron, she'll have to look for the iron and end up in Rolman and David's bedroom. In the boy's bedroom, she's going to notice dirty clothes on unmade beds. When she sees their messy room, she's going to blow a gasket and start throwing stuff. After she throws stuff, she'll want to pick up and clean the boy's bedroom. After she cleans, she'll want to wash her hands, so she'll go to their bathroom. When she sees their bathroom, she's going to notice mildew in the most remote, hidden corner of the grout and begin to fume. After she fumes and washes her hands, she'll grab the bleach and start cleaning. After she cleans, she'll see the storeroom in total disarray. She'll rearrange the storeroom and formulate a lecture for the pending night of Bible time. After she rearranges, she'll return to her room and notice wrinkled clothes that need packing. And chances are, when she notices wrinkled clothes, she'll have to go to Rolman's room to get the iron she forgot.
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