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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-08-25 18:44:17
Subject: Garden

We have really been enjoying eating all of the things we have been growing. Lately we have had just an abundance of tomatoes, green beans, and carrots.  With the tomatoes we have made spaghetti sauce/pizza sauce to freeze, tomato preserves, and chismol at every meal.  Chismol is tomato, bell pepper, and onion chopped finely, with lemon and seasonings.  The kids also eat the tomatoes for snacks.   With the green beans we have been eating them and selling them.  They sell for 5 lemps a bag or pound.  Not much.  But we are able to sell them right here so it is not trouble.   Everyone is able to eat carrots for snack all the time.  Most of the kids run around with them for snack.   We also have an abundance of cabbage (which is used a lot here), basil, corn, black and red beans (harvesting now), jalepenos, broccoli, and swiss chard.   So we are swimming in veggies. The moras contiue to produce so we can make preserves and mora juice.   We are blessed with the fruit of the land! Paula
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