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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-08-28 12:01:32
Subject: Expanded Vision

    This morning I think the Lord spoke to me about funding for missionaries. I will be praying about it and listening. Many missionaries receive lump sums in order to build buildings and buy land. However, most struggle to keep adequate cash flow to run things once they occupy those buildings. I believe some of that "project/building" money could be used to start businesses. The businesses could then feed the ministries and reduce the demand for donations. I completely believe there is always a business opportunity wherever there are people.     How does that fit our ministry here? I believe we are training children and employees to be missionaries as well as business people. I do not believe God's people are supposed to live a life of poverty and wonder where their next meal might come from. For many children here, the highest aspiration is to enter the United States and work. They believe that is their best hope. Neither Paula nor I believe this for the people of Honduras. Unfortunately, the most lucrative industry in Honduras is people working illegally in the USA and sending money back here. It is followed by coffee. This needs to change.

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