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Entered By: Judy Campbell
Entry Date: 2007-09-19 04:24:35
Subject: re: Spanglish 101

Dear Son, you seem to get the message across, I have witnessed a little on my visit, that was awhile back and you have had time to improve....I know you did...I remember in high school that my teacher called on me lots because I had taken french as a language and had a french last name...when she put me on the spot., I frooze.  My Dad wanted me to take french since his heritage was canadian french. the lessons were short and sometimes my teacher, Sister was sometimes mean....I couldn't help it if my last name was french., nobody spoke it in my family.........they spoke polish for years......only on the telephone. Mom and her Mom and sisters.  I understood what they were saying as I grew older amd older. Only remember a few phrases now., after all, that was 50 years ago or more.  love you.
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re: Spanglish 101  by Mark on Wednesday September 19, 2007

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