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Entered By: john paul
Entry Date: 2007-09-24 01:00:11
Subject: re: Wednesday September 19, 2007

hello to all i am glad to find that everyone there is doing well. i love you all and am proud of what you are doing. i felt i had to respond to the old testament reading mark as a child i was always fascinated with how real god was in the life of his chosen people. i can now say that if i were to write a testament of my life he would be as visible in my story as he was to his people then. i never understood that but have learned that he is always in control even when we try to turn him off. to me the old testament tells us just that. it is too often lost on some(including myself)as being irrelevent or simply a book foretelling christs coming. but as we all know that is simply not the case. it is a story of gods people thru triumph and tragedy. for me there are more passages there that i feel directly relate to me, something we all can relate to. thank you for your sharing mark i know it has been a while i love you all and wish you the best and hope to see you soon. Paula i love you and your my biggest sis thank you for that, hannah, john, faith, timothy all children so should be like you you 4 are an inspiration to all and a testament to your parents work
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