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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-10-01 13:23:29
Subject: Monday October 01, 2007

     Hasta la Vista New Hampshirian's. We enjoyed your visit and many projects were completed. We also enjoyed door-to-door evangelism, which really pushed me out of my comfort zone but definitely charged me spiritually.      I'd forgotten to announce that we bought a few more cows. Two days before the New Hampshire team came down, Jose and I drove out to another mountain about an hour and a half from here to look at cows. We bought two "three-in-ones". A three-in-one is a pregnant mother with a young calf as well. Both calves are females. They are a mixed breed with half or more of Brahma. Brahma is a good breed in Central America because they are resistant to parasites. We paid about $400 per cow, not counting the ones in the ovens (two unborn calves).      Right after agreeing to that purchase, we walked back into town where the van was parked. I asked Jose and our guide if they'd like a Coke. It was hot and they were agreeable. We went to the first little store (pulperia) advertising Coca Cola. They had none. We walked to the next corner and enjoyed a Coke from glass bottles. While we were drinking, the store clerk asked why were there (I being THE only minority in town). We told her we were buying cows. She went back and spoke to a man (probably her son). He spoke with us and said he sold bulls.       The man offered to take us to see them about three blocks away. He had pure bred Brahmas, some of them old and huge, some of them young. He offered the older mature bulls for $1500, but I was willing to wait. He had some younger bull calves for $1000 but we knew that we could get one for less somewhere else. I asked Jose to tell the man we could offer $630 (12000 Lempira) for the younger bull. The man countered for 13000 Lempira ($685). We took it. The bull looks good. There is a picture of him on this site. We call him "Red Bull", you'll see why. He is probably only a half of his full weight, but should be ready in about four months to start breeding (maybe less).       Thanks again Don Hebert and Company (New Hampshire Group) for contributing to the cow purchase. I expect about every calf we raise will pay about a week of living expenses at the children's home. The new purchase could eventually pay for six weeks of annual expenses here. That is very significant!
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