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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-10-06 16:35:57
Subject: Much Thanks and Update

First of all I want to give our heartfelt thanks to the precious group of people that came and served with us from New Hampshire!  They came with full hearts ready to jump in and serve.  They really blessed us so much, with all that they did, with all that they shared, with all that they gave, and most of all the wonderful fellowship.  It is such a blessing to have people you don't know come and just become a part of your family.  This group overwhelmed us with generosity, love, and care.  They took such special care of each of my 4 children, and each of the boys.  With everything they did they thought how best they could help us and the community.   I want to share some of the things that the group did.  We want to give all glory to God.  The glory of the Lord shined so brightly in each of their lives.  Each had a gift and shared it freely.  It is beautiful to see Christ in His Children.  He is our Risen Saviour that inhabits His people.  He is worthy of all the praise and all the honor.   One of the neat things that a group can get together and do is a medical clinic.  The group sent money to buy medicines and hire drs.  The drs. we know here gladly gave their timely for free and even brought the meds (the group bought these to give) and their medical staff.  The group also broughts suitcases of medicines to give.  So the ladies and I went on the Friday afternoon to set up the school for a medical clinic on Saturday.  They really worked out how best to arrange everything for a good flow of traffic, and to accomodate all the different things that would be going on.  They set up a reception room that would also be used for evangelism.  Then the drs. room.  Last in the line of 3 classes we used was the pharmacy and waiting area with a TV with the Jesus Movie going.  On Saturday morning we all arrived.  The drs. staff, the nurses on the team, and more team helpers set up the pharmacy.    We were ready for business.  People would come to the gate of the school where one of our boys would give each person there to see a dr. a number.  They would then move to the first classroom where Hannah would register them in.   They would wait in this room where the gospel message was being shared by group members with translator Porter Briggs.  I was at the door of the Drs. office calling numbers and stamping hands (to let us know who had already been in).  The drs. each had a helper (one of their children), they would see the patient and the helper would write up the perscription.  Then the person would move to the pharmacy room with their perscription in hand.  The nurses and helpers would work to get the order filled, and also give vitamins.  While waiting, because this is the area that gets backed up, the people could watch the movie.  Overall things ran really smooth, and over 200 people were able to see the drs and be treated and receive the medicines they needed.  All of this was free.  The Drs., Dr. David Madrid, and his wife Dra. Messen were troopers.  They did an excellent job of caring for the people.  I was amazed how they just moved things along and took the time to tell each person about good health and hygeine.  It was an incredible blessing to our community.   I felt that also overall our community really was gracious and grateful.   The team also gave out clothing, bibles, personal hygiene items, and shoes at another station.  No one went home empty handed.   Mark brought us a wonderful lunch of sandwiches, chips, fruit, cookies and drinks.  What a blessing.  Thank you everyone.  Thank you God for taking care of your people.   The group worked all week on different projects.  The men worked on the farm putting a fence  around a front yard for us, complete with gates,  so that Mark could put cattle in the front.  We had a good bit of land there and no one likes to machette that much!  It is a nice wood fence with the posts cemented in.  This makes much better use of the acreage here.  And Mark is very happy to have some cattle close.  Yes, they all eat out of Mark's hand.  The men also worked on making us curtain rod brackets, bunkbeds, and a wonderful swing.  They were wonderful carpenters who also just fixed whatever they saw needing fixing.  They also blessed the community here.  The men went and laid a cement floor for Xiomara's house (lady who works for us).  The also framed in her windows and doorways and put up screens.  Xiomara and her husband have made this home by hand.  Making their own mud bricks, hanging the lamina for a ceiling/roof.  Xiomara was overwhelmed with the generosity and love.  They were able to move in this week.   What a blessing.  When we went to pray over the home we were able to go and annoint it with oil.  Then when we went to see the finished work, we all stood and cried together and prayed with Xiomara.  Xiomara prayed outloud and shared of the goodness of the Lord.   In the mornings while the men worked on this the ladies taught English!  The 6th grade here on our mountain came every morning for 2 hours of English and fun.  This was a dream come true for me.  To see the kids learning English (which they need for further education here) and having fun at our home was wonderful.  The ladies were in teams of 2 to make up 3 groups.  We had folders for each child with all kinds of English/vocabulary, games, etc.  for them to take home at the end of the week.  Porter Briggs would go and pick up the kids in his truck and bring them to the farm.  We had English class, games, singing, craft, and fun.  I think they all liked the Hokey Pokey just because they got to laugh at me shake my hips!   In the afternoons we would go visiting in different areas.  The team would pray for the people and share the gospel.  Porter would translate.  They gave food to the people they visited.   On afternoon we all went to share in a more distant mountain village.  It was a beautiful place where another ministry had just recently gone in and done a medical clinic.  Seemed the perfect time to follow up with prayer and evangelism.  So we visited one afternoon, and came back the next evening to share the gospel and pray with the community.  Jose (works for us, dear Christian man) went with us and shared the gospel in Spanish.  Eight people said that they asked Jesus to be their Savior for the first time.  We pray for this community.  It is far, and there is no evangelical church.   The team gave our family a night out and stayed and played with the boys.  They showered my girls with love and care.  The men greatly excited our boys by playing American Football.  They loved it!  In the evenings they would come and share with the guitar and singing.  The ladies organized our medicines and cabinets.  You name it , they did it!   I am sure I am missing many things.  Mark and I are so humbled when a group would come to work with us.  It is staggering.   We bless this team with every good gift from the Father!   Love and blessings, Paula
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