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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-10-06 16:50:56
Subject: Update

Things are pretty normal around here!  Everyone is in school, doing homework, working on the farm, chasing cows, and playing with the new baby goat.   We have been enjoying all of the fresh lemonade and orange juice from the fruit on our trees lately.  Everyday we are blessed with loads of oranges, mandarines, and lemons.  Just a few moras right now.  We also have had cucumbers, loads of yucca, cabbage, squash, zucchini, and more from the garden.  It is almost time to switch out the sides of the garden and plant on the other side that has been the chicken yard.  We will do this in November.  We hope with water to be able to garden year round.  We are selling our beans to people in the neighborhood, right now we have black and red.   One of our goats had a little kid.  Mark's new baby.  We also have new cows that love to lick salt from Mark's hands.  We have enjoyed some wonderful pork chops recently from the pigs we have here on the farm.   The weather is very nice right now, and we still have a lot of rain.  The nights are getting cooler.   Rolman came to visit this week.  He seemed very sad to me.  He is living in Teguc. with his sister and is working in a wood shop.  We are glad he is safe.  He has been visiting his father that has been having the weekends out of prison.  Rolman believes he will be out in 5 months (the father out of prison).   School will be out for David, Fernando, and Gerardo in November.  School vacation here is November to February.   Mark is finishing the paperwork and contracts to start a ferreteria (hardware store).  It will be on the mountain across the highway from the mountain we live on.  All are very excited.   I do not have any Staph infection right now, nor does Mark Praise God!  Faith has just gotten a new one, and John has one clearing up.  We continue on sulfur meds.   We have also been blessed lately to watch a little American TV.  Some friends of ours close by have a satellite where they get Food TV and all that fun stuff.  Yesterday the girls and I went just to watch a little Food Network and relax.  Today Mark and kids went to watch College Football!  What a treat.   Hook Em Horns!   In all things God is faithful and we rejoice in Him.   Blessings, Paula
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