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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-11-05 21:23:30
Subject: Cutting the Bull

    Today John and I left around 8 AM to direct the butchering of our old bull. The bull was actually not very old, just not the breed we wanted. I figured we would watch on and show Steven (a Mennonite whom has a little butcher shop) how we wanted the bull cut. Well, he did not hesitate to hand me a knife and join in. I eventually gave John a knife too as he as a lot of experience butchering as well.     Although the bull was extremely lean (he was completely grass fed), we did cut a lot of steaks and roasts out. Having a Hobart meat band saw made short work of the steaks and bones. Steven told me up front that he is not a professional so he and I both learned a lot today. I brought my hardback book written in the 50's about home butchering. We both referred to it on a regular basis to see what cut of meat came from each part. I'm not sure how many T-bone steaks you are supposed to get from a bull but I think we set a record today. Steven and I talked a lot about children, animals, the Gospel, business, farming and "scrapple". Scrapple is a German food made with meat scraps removed from the bones with added corn and wheat flour. After it is cooked, it is fried in butter. Steven told me that the Mennonites are German in origin so scrapple is well-known by his family and friends.     In the end we needed to get back home for John to do his schoolwork. We left at about 12:40 and Steven still had about a quarter of a bull to go. We left to find that the battery was dead on the van. We tried to push start it, but we were facing uphill. We eventually called Roger, whom lives up the mountain and is an assistant pastor at our church. He came down, we tried a jump start but eventually resorted to a tow and push start after 15 minutes of charging. We got home just when Paula needed to leave to take the girls to their enrichment class. Tomorrow morning I return to pick up the beef.
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