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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-05 22:39:10
Subject: re: Cutting the Bull

We miss you Lauren! Thanks for all the birthday pictures.  Sweet of you to remember everyone.   So very cold here right now.  We are all bundled up.  Probably it is not below 45 but it hasn't stopped raining for days.  Everything is just gloppy mud.  This house is drafty, so we all have our socks and sweats on.  This afternoon I went to market to find some sweat pants for Faith and John, they had no pants here.  Blue physica pants for all!   Tonight we had baked potatoes and bread.  The girls and I have been making the dinners, so more American food.  The boys love some things and opt for beans at other times.  Everyone loves chili, and most loved potato soup.  Mexican Salad has become a weekly favorite of everyone.  The lettuce is really going in the garden.   We love you, Paula

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