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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-11-12 08:02:58
Subject: T-Bones and Oranges

     I'm a little embarrassed to say that we enjoyed our first T-bone steaks in Honduras last night. I'm sure that steaks are not a common meal for missionaries around the world. Everyone had some steak including Carlitos. Strange thing was that Fernando (our resident junk food junkie and normally a meat avoider) enjoyed his steak and even picked the bone clean. Since we got the bull back, Fernando has eaten two meals with beef (this is something very short of miraculous).      So how is it we could afford to feed the boys T-bones? Well, we had this bull that we did not want reproducing. We bought his replacement a couple months ago. Once we had enough freezer space we called the Mennonites and in came the butcher. We rounded up the bull, tied it to a tree, ended his life quickly and painlessly, gutted the cow in our own front yard, loaded him on the truck and finally John and I went to cut up the meat after he had aged in the cooler for a week.       I'm pretty sure that a professional butcher would not have gotten 60 T-bone steaks from one bull, but that's about what we did. (I like T-bones). Aside from the steaks we got a lot of roasts, which Paula enjoys cooking. We also got about 110 pounds of hamburger, ribs, sirloins and 30 pounds of bologna.       Right now everyone in the house is enjoying a lot of oranges and a few mandarins from the trees on the farm. We're trying to keep everyone Vitamin C'd up as it is very cold and damp here. Sure, the low for the night is probably around 50, but there is no heater and really nothing keeping the cold air out as there are air gaps between the roof and walls surrounding the house.

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