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Entered By: Barbc
Entry Date: 2007-11-13 19:59:25
Subject: re: Carlitos

i definately want to come visit again and you know i would love to have all of you here anytime... it would be so wonderful to see you all again. .i am so excited about the container Paula.. what a blessing and God is so awesome...I could see all of the smiles and laughter as you revealed all the gifts... Did Carlitos bed arrive too.. I am so excited to see if he will like it seeing he climbs out of his crib now...:) Any more news on the couple .. i am praying on that a lot...So glad to see Hanah sooo happy and excited.. she is precious.. had to send her card to your computer i did not have hers typed in my computer...keep me posted on how your container blesses you all. I am praying about the schooling and how we can all help you out...i know there is a way to come up with some $$ to provide a teacher.. do you have any idea how much you would have to pay her/him weekly or monthly?? Would the satellite help you out with teaching or not enough schooling in that?? My mind & heart are really working over time trying to pray and have God reveal what can be done but i  do know something will be are loved so very much. and so glad to hear about the staph inf. clearing up and having the clean rooms must be so helpful...i bet you are feeling so much  better physically and mentally.. love to all and Porter too.. bc:)

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