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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-11-18 22:02:35
Subject: Carlos...AKA Carlitos

It truly seems that Carlos is potty trained!  This week we will graduate up to wearing pants.  He made it accident free all week and has been going by himself.    As I type this, I am thinking, oh my, am I really saying this online!  But I know many of you can be happy with us on this one.   Now Carlos in the bathroom by himself is a scarey thing.  We have had to unplug the sink a few times this past week.  Carlos has learned all about the correct way to wear underwear (not backwards or upsidedown).  He went through 2 full soap dispensers, a few more rolls of toilet paper (we watched him throw whole rolls in the trash), and has had to have a mini lecture on why you don't take the stuffed animals to the bathroom with you.   Overall he is pretty proud of himself.  He loves his new bed and makes it up every morning.  It seems that since we started this he has become older.   Another thing we have noticed; since beginning potty training, he does not ask for water as much.  This in itself opens up much extra time in a day for us all!   Paula
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re: Carlos...AKA Carlitos  by Lauren Rutter on Sunday November 18, 2007

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