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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-11-18 22:04:39
Subject: Next Big Thing

    Last week Hannah and I went to pick up Porter at the airport in Tegucigalpa as well as pick up some diagnostic tests for the boys. As we were driving, I asked my web site partner (Hannah) if she had any "big" ideas for my next Internet project. I had just implemented (programmed) one and was looking for another challenge. We probably gave it a few moments thought before re-focusing our attention on the dangers of driving in Honduras.     After we picked up Porter, we went to the school curriculum distributor (they sell PACE's) and spent some time catching up. Porter comprehensively and accurately communicates ideas, which is not very common. He made mention that it would be nice to have a way to effectively "network" missionaries around the world. His thought would be to have a web site where people could find missionaries that could help them navigate foreign lands. The network would show which missionaries any single missionary knew and where they were all located. Probably not many of you have ever heard of "the Bacon Game" (as in Kevin Bacon), but this was one line of thought on the subject of networking. (If you are curious, you could probably Google "bacon game" and find out what I am talking about).      So, when I had a little time to think, I thought about this project. In some ways it is ingeniously simple and yet can model the complex world of foreign missions. I am working on it even today. Friday, Paula went to the monthly luncheon with missionary women. While there, they talked about how good it would be if people knew when other missionaries needed to go to the airport or the big city for some reason. In this way, we can carpool or run errands for one another rather than potentially waste a day driving etc.      Therefore the project has some interesting and useful specifications. The web site will be all about domestic and foreign missionaries, who they are, who they know, message boards and the ability to coordinate their efforts. Given the erratic schedule, I'm not sure how much time I will have to devote to development on a daily basis, but I think something should be ready to look at in about a month. On a completely related note, we are expecting more baby pigs in about a month. :-)      By the way, if you own a web site, my last project would benefit you. I call it "Reciprocal Link Manager (RLM)". It is an easy to install program that you can include in any web site. The program will automatically trade links with your site and others. In this way, people and search engines like Google can find your site more easily. Effectively, you get more people looking at your web site without paying for a marketing campaign. You can find details at -Marcos

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