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Entered By: Lauren Rutter
Entry Date: 2007-12-06 23:33:06
Subject: re: Gainfully Employed

Hello!  I have thought of yall a lot this week because in anatomy and physiology we are dissecting cats.  My lab group has heard the pig story no less than 3 times this week :)  I must say the pig was way cooloer than the cat, although, our cat is a beast cat.  It is so big, we have a hard time getting around the muscles because they're so strong.  Our teacher made us name them (so we learn to respect it's life) and ours is named Simba because he's like a little lion.  I have a calculus test tomorrow and Saturday Trinity is playing in the quater finals against arlington bowie.  It's good to hear about everything going on.. I pray it runs smoothly as things pick up.  I so wish I could come help with all the school, I've learned so much this year I just want to teach!  Anyway this is a really long reply, and I need to study.  Talk to you later! Lorena

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