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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-12-11 17:18:19
Subject: More Pigs, a Lot More

    At 8 o'clock this morning we were on schedule teaching school to Hannah, John, Faith and Timothy. Fernando came in and announced that a goat was having its babies. We rushed out to the goats to witness the excitement. Nothing was going on there. Fernando followed us out. He then indicated it was actually the sow having more pigs.     Enrique was already there watching over Dona Flaca (so called because when we bought her, she was skin and bones...flaca means skinny, Dona is like Mrs., but is closer to royalty). Dona Flaca had already birthed 12 pigs but she had not gotten up yet. We went back inside after instructing Enrique to separate the pigs from the mother as soon as they had all nursed. Half an hour later word was out that another pig had been born. Thirteen is the total; not bad at all! If we can keep 10 of them alive until weaning we will be doing better than the average commercial operation in America. Thanks, Mr. Jones; the pigs were born in the house you built and paid for!      Keeping them alive, however, is the trick. We've decided to get aggressive about this. We are only going to put the pigs with their mother when it is time to nurse and quickly separate them afterwards. We are going to try and keep them separate all night. Hopefully the neighborhood dogs will not discover this. By the way, we shot another dog last night. I identified as one that attacked our cow, which eventually led to the cow's death. This incident is bound to hurt our reputation as people here have high regard for their dogs, although they rarely feed them.
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