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Entered By: Mike Jones
Entry Date: 2008-01-23 12:03:19
Subject: re: Reward Miles

You bring up an idea. As a way to contribute to your ministry. People can donate their unused Frequent Flyer miles. I often wonder how many unused miles there are sitting in church pews every week. I would bet it would amout to a a plane ticket or two. Something to think about. On another note, we have used points to fly. That is what we did when we went to New York City, last Fall. However for the cost of 1 ticket for you, we got 2. It does work, but you have to spend a small fortune. It is great for small businesses who have a sizeable amount of $$$ flowing through their business. We chose to for go, using the credit card this year. I am sure we spent much more than spending cash or debit cards. Studies show 18 - 25% more spending on plastic versus cash. We have vowed to do better this year and save for our vacations the old fashion way. It works out in the long run.
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re: Reward Miles  by Mark on Wednesday January 23, 2008

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