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Entered By: shelby
Entry Date: 2008-02-04 12:09:17
Subject: re: I'm Still Here!

hey! i worte a song a couple days ago too! qould you like to read it?!?! i got bored at work so i grabed a pin and paper and just wrote waht came to mind here it is it is called catching tears i wrote it for a freind of mine who was going through a really tough time [verse 1] tears run down your face how can you possibly replace a love like this you gave your all just so he could see you fall [chorus] I will always be here through it all to pick you up to catch the tears in my hand to set your feet back on dry land no more tears no more fears [verse 2] they say love is blind so please just turn and find what you have been searching so long for im keeping score one to none [bridge] did i ever tell you to keep your head up dont let it fall you have everything to live for so dont give up without a fight you mean everything to me tonight so yeah thats basically it i cant find the perfect emelody to go with it are you still going to china? cause that would be fun :D cant wait to see you again
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