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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-02-05 19:53:44
Subject: 40 Kilowatt Fireworks

Today we are back up on electricity. Last night Porter Briggs came over to spend the night, we were cooking dinner, boys were taking showers and getting to wrap up another day when... 44 magnum intensity cracks, pops and sizzles rang through the air. We saw bright flashes of light and noticed things in the house were flickering. I ran for the breakers and cut them all off simultaneously. Timothy was screaming in the shower and we noticed the electric line on fire outside. Guess we ran too many amps through that sucker. With the dryer, two washing machines running, oven on, stove on and two high powered water heater shower heads engaged we put enough current through the wires to burn them together. They burnt hot enough to break the three heavy gaged aluminum wires in two. After I turned the breakers off, I called Jose so he could call the fire department and electric company (I figured my spanish would not be clear enough for such an emergency situation). We watched as the wires outside flashed, popped and burnt in two. Afterwards the wires snapped together on the ground causing some fire (thankfully the grass is still semi-green). We waited and waited and waited some more for either the power company or fire department to show up. Eventually Jose called me back and said he was on the way. The fire department was not answering the phone. The power company answered but said it the situation was too dangerous to handle. No problem, Jose cut the power line with some wire cutters and called a friend. The friend showed up a couple hours later and hooked us back up but told us not to use too much power. We didn't. He told us he would be back the next day (today) and re-wire us with better wire, better connections and proper equipment. It is done. $260 later, we are again enjoying the modern day convenience of electricity.

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