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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-02-05 20:09:33
Subject: Never a dull moment!

And never a time when our Father is not taking care of us!   Yesterday our power lines fried while life was in full swing: dinner was being made, visiting with our friend Porter,  Timmy was in the shower, and the boys were outside.  You could hear the power surge, see the lights flickering, and then I immediately screamed as all good mothers would "TIMMY< GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!"  We all ran out to the front porch to see the power lines being burnt and arcing.  After deciding to get the keys to move the van to safer ground (it was pretty close to the line, which was connected to the house), the lines finally snapped completely and fell.  Thankfully all were safe and sound watching on the porch.  I am so grateful for the protective care of our Father!  We had bible by candlelight.  Today we are hooked up much safer than before.  It was not connected well at all before.   Long story short, we have a precious christian pyschologist that has volunteered her services to visit with the boys, give her advice, and provide us with the paperwork we need to keep on file for IHNFA.  She is a very gentle, kind, christian lady.  She has come now 3 times to do different activities with the boys to see about their intellectual growth, social skills, etc.  She has been very kind to us in that she is not intimidating and does not scare the boys.  Today she told us that she was going to talk to another lady about coming and giving some extra help to our 4 youngest boys.  She also informed us of a new school in Siguatapeque that works with children with cerebral palsy and other special needs for children.  This school would be just a couple of times a week for a couple of hours in the morning.    She is going to get us all of the information and find out about more things we can do here at home.  What a blessing.  We also received an anonymous monetary gift to help with any medical needs or care he might need.   Carlitos is being showered with love and care!  Thank you! I have been especially blessed recently by participating in a book/bible study with some fellow missionary ladies here recently.  It is such a blessing to form friendships.   Another recent special blessing to me was receiving a Beth Moore bible study from a former bible study leader.  It is the study of David.  I have just started, but already loving it and challenged.   Our God is so good, so great and so mighty! Paula

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