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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-02-12 19:29:12
Subject: Thank you God!

Today I had a very informative and helpful meeting with a visiting Mennonite that specializes in neurological development in children.  Another special lady that lives here and works in the Mennonite Children's Home did an evaluation on Carlitos.  Tomorrow I will be going to their home to watch and participate in a neurological therapy routine that could really help Carlitos progress even more.  It is amazing.  Things can happen so suddenly.  For 2 years I have cried out to God that I didn't know how to help Carlitos enough. We have done the little we knew, and even then not as diligently as I thought I should.   Now God is showering us with wisdom and knowledge.  I really do believe that just the little bit that was done with him today in regards to his eyes has already helped him to focus better.   As the ladies worked with Carlitos today I was reminded of how God has touched him.  It is wonderful to see his progress and to watch him grow and learn.  I was also very encouraging to hear the ladies share things that I had at least heard of (cranial therapy, movement of cerebral fluid), from things we have gone through with our son John in the past.  Thank you Dr. Joe Tate for how you helped our John!  Little did I know in those days that it would be information that would also be valuable for a future child.   As I understand more, learn more, and have more time, I will share about what we are doing new with Carlitos.  So who wants to come help and see him grow in his new routine?  Trust me, it would be even more of a blessing to you than Carlitos!   We are praying for workers to come and join us.  The past 2 weeks I have been praying and asking God, " God, is there someplace I can go in the states to learn more to help the boys?"  Well today I watched him hand deliver!  Our God is Faithful beyond our imagination.  I have been praying for a youth group and friends for the older boys.  Saturday night they loved the group they visited (missionaries here working with youth).  Hannah has gone twice to a youth group with some fellow missionary daughters she knows.  And tonight the two oldest boys are going to a new bible study on abstinence.  He does here our hearts poured out.   Blessings in all that you do, Paula
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