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Entry Date: 2008-02-24 23:20:33
Subject: re: Thank you God!

Thank you for the update.. so thrilled to hear that Hanah has her money... Nothing is tooo big for our GOd..It is hard to let them hard... but who better can be with them when we are not there but our wonderful, loving and protecting GOd. I remember giving the children over to God and then taking them back over and over and then one day i knew our God was there all the time guiding, loving and protecting them.. but i thought only i really could do that for a long time.. as one sermon i heard.. our children are a gift to us only for a short period of time, we give them roots and wings...i hope i am not rambling....Hanah is one special gal... she has deep family roots with you and our Lord... She will do wonderfully....Will start keeping you all in prayer for this transition now...Will you go to the states with her for a few days?? So many questions i have.. I will write more later... love you all tons and so glad that you are all happy and meeting new Christian friends with bible studies, music lessons, cooking classes, psychologist.. IS God not good?? Love to ALL.. BC")))

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