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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-03-10 20:42:37
Subject: Illiteracy

Honestly, I confess, when I lived in the United States I did not give illiteracy much thought.  It was not something I saw on a daily or even monthly basis.  I know it existed and exists much more than I imagine though.   Here in Honduras we see it daily.  I lived the effects of it without even realizing what the problem was in the beginning.  It was not my habit to ask someone upfront if they can read.  It became evident in things like workers not being able to follow the directions to mix up Tang or run the machines we have with Spanish instructions.  I remember putting labels on all the clothing drawers in Spanish and still the clothing being put in different and odd places.  I typed up the cleaning checklist and still things were not being done.  It took a while for me to realize that some that work for us could not read.  Out on the farm you see it in workers not feeding the livestock properly or not using the proper fungicides and fertilizers.   Even my 12 year old son is trying to figure out ways to compensate for a worker that can not read the feed sacks to feed the pigs correctly.  Sometimes we think that workers are not following our instruction, or choosing to do it a different way.  Usually in the same day it will hit one of us, no, they just can't read.   Two of our workers read minimally.  I hear them practicing throughout the house, reading labels or things we have hanging on the walls.  They never attended school.  One attends classes in the evening to get the education he never got as a child.   One worker is completely illiterate and does not believe she will ever be able to read.   This is one of the things we would love to see tackled here on Hope Farm.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have classes for adults to learn to read.   We have so much in our hearts we want to see happen.  I know the Father has so much in his heart for his children.  We pray that others will catch the vision and the heart and come and help see these types of things come to life.   When I see our Honduran boys reading on the couch, I think, Thank you God.  Let them continue on reading, and let their children read, and all those that come after them.  Reading opens doors to amazing things.  Reading opens up opportunities. I can't even imagine not being able to open up my Bible and read His word for me.  How would I know about God?  How could I know his promises to me?   I want everyone here to have the opportunity to learn to read.   Father, make a way. Paula

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