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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-03-23 19:14:13
Subject: Happy Resurrection Day!

Today we celebrated the Resurrection of our Saviour in church and in special activities here at home.  In Colbath tradition we all matched in blue shirts and khakis.  Yes, the boys indeed think we are pretty strange!  At least I thought enough to give them the option this time (unlike Christmas)!  Oddly enough everyone opted to match.   For our special Easter dinner, Mark is frying fish and we are having beautifully colored hard boiled eggs.  Now the boys really thought dying egss was strange, but fun.   This week was Semana Santa (Holy Week).   Most of Honduras was on vacation.  It is the week that most here take off work, go the beach, and spend time with family.  We were out of school.  It was wonderful to have some time off to rest, get caught up on some things, and spend time with the kids.  Mark took the kids swimming one day and everyone went to the movies one night.   Tomorrow is back to the schedule!   I have decided that I need to carry around a small tape recorder to help me remember everything I want to journal.  In a day there are so many funny stories, crazy things about Honduras, unbelievable things that kids say, and proof of our amazing Heavenly Father's love and care for us all.   Today I hope that you are able to stop and celebrate the infinitely life giving miracle of the resurrection of our Jesus Christ.  Not only did he endure earthly life and the cross, but He remained true to the Word of God and rose again.  It overwhelms me to think on these things.  It truly makes me want to hoot and holler that I have such a faithful, personal Saviour.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of His radar in regards to His children.  His love for us is beyond our complete comprehension.   I see that anytime I spend a quiet moment (even just a moment) thinking about the protection, provision, and mercy I see Him pour out on me everyday, as undeserving as I am.  

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