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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-03-24 22:47:27
Subject: Odd dogs

Honduras certainly has its plenty of dogs, and it seems that we get the somewhat odd dogs here at the farm.  We recently had to take our dog, Rambo, away from the farm and give him a new home at the hardware store we have.  He was eating our chickens.    He wasn't much of a guard dog, and honestly was named Rambo more as a joke.  There was nothing Rambo-ish about him.  He usually wet himself when you looked at him!  Now we have a new puppy.  He is part dalmation but has only one little white spot.  Several times lately we have found the puppy, Fudgey, with an egg from the chicken house in his mouth.  Today he was spotted transporting the eggs from the chicken house to other parts of the yard and burying them.   If you have ever visited Honduras you know that we have a dog opera nightly.  Thankfully none of our dogs have ever signed on for that. Paula

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