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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-03-30 22:17:22
Subject: School Progress Reports

      Good news! We finally have more PACE's (schoolbooks) for the children. The boys are eagerly trying to catch up with schoolwork. The order was about four weeks late so the boys had to switch over to our curriculum for awhile. Although that was a challenge for everyone, we did make a change to Saxon Math full time (no more math PACE's).       There is a big difference between Saxon Math and Spanish Math PACE's. For one, Saxon Math is in English. The other difference is that Saxon seems to be more thorough and incremental. The great part is that the boys have more than doubled their grades in math. They are now passing and averaging a B in their homework. That may not sound great, but consider doing word problems in a second language! Their schoolwork comprises roughly 30% word problems. So, math is teaching them English as well.       The boys are also greatly improving their reading and writing and we are noticing their progress weekly. They were not at all prepared for high school by the local elementary school. The three oldest were headed to high school (second year for two of them), but they were writing at  first and second grade levels. With couple years of intense study, they should catch up to their grade levels.
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