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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-04-05 22:44:11
Subject: My mistake, not for pollution

I made a mistake.  The new legislation that requires that you go and pick your day to not drive, is not because of pollution, but to cut down on gas.  The government here subsidizes gasoline.  So in order to cut down on gasoline consumption you are required to have one day of the week where you don't drive your vehicle.  Taxis, buses, and 2 door trucks (considered work vehicles) are exempt.  Mark went today, and our day off of driving is Monday.  So we have a large sticker in our windshield with the letter "L" for Lunes (Monday).   The policy or legislation has not been turned into law, buy you will be fined if you do not follow.   While we were in town today I did not see a vehicle with the sticker! Tonight I went out with John to put the new piglets with their mother to nurse.  For over 30 minutes they rooted around and jumped over each other to get the best position.  Finally they all calmed down and after another 30 minutes they appeared drunk.  John and I stargazed while waiting.  You can see the stars so vividly here, and it is much easier to pick out the constellations.   Blessings, Paula
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re: My mistake, not for pollution  by Lauren Rutter on Sunday April 06, 2008

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